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Andy Engel Essentials Ink Set - Intenze - 19 Colours

Andy Engel Essentials Ink Set - Intenze - 19 Colours
Andy Engel Set Andy Engel Box Set
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Andy Engel Essentials Set - Intenze - 19 Colours

Andy Engel Essentials Set, includes: Andy's Grey Wash Black, Andy's Shading Black, Andy's True Black, Chartreuse, Dark Plum, Flo's Green, Mint, Plum, Skin Tone Flesh Dark, Skin Tone Flesh Light, Skin Tone Flesh Medium, Skin Tone Natural Dark, Skin Tone Natural Extra Light, Skin Tone Natural Light, Skin Tone Natural Medium, Skin Tone Red Dark, Skin Tone Red Light, Skin Tone Red Medium, and Weibi's Red.

Andy Engel has always been partial to black and grey tattooing, but likes to put a twist on the tradition by often incorporating subtle hints of vibrant, but complementary, colors that allow his pieces to truly pop. Focusing on flesh tones, The Essentials Set is ideal with portraits in mind. Intenze and Andy feel incredibly accomplished with how the set turned out and believe that the results that you will achieve will demonstrate the superiority of such a product, likely to make it a staple in your lineup.

Within the box set you will find three different skin tone sets that all consist of three or four different hues. Included is a Skin Tone Natural Set, Skin Tone Flesh Set, and a Skin Tone Red Set.

In addition to these inks, each box set comes packed a mixing guide that shows how Andy achieves color mixes in specific areas of some of his award winning tattoos, with graphics to accompany them for accurate visual guidance for your reference.

Also includes an Andy Engel professional mixing guide
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